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Vulnicura VR, sortie le 6 septembre 2019

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Ok donc je me contenterai de l'appli Stonemilker sur iPhone et mon casque VR à 39 balles :)


cela étant ça commence a faire cher toussa, entre le matos à avoir pour ce bazar, les concerts à perpète, la boite à hapeaux...

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Quelqu’un a posté les videos sur Youtube, a ajouter a la news et/ou la page Vulnicura VR/presse Dazed :) (“part 2” = premiere partie)





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Merry parle de Vulnicura VR et notamment du travail sur le mastering du son à 360°



"So, Mandy Parnell, the mastering engineer, and Martin Korth, spent months and months with her in Iceland, where the solution was essentially mastering all the stems in some amazing 360° way. This meant when they’re mixed real-time in the engine, it’s all already mastered whilst still allowing for a real-time audio experience."


via digital arts

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Apparement il y a pas mal de de differences niveau audio dans Vulnicura VR (via le 4um):



postby jp4151 » sun, sep, 08, 2019 7:27 pm

first off, with the 360 sound design it's hard to say that there are definitive mixes / versions for the vr videos, but there are some noticeable differences.

stonemilker - strings mix. hard to say if it's the same strings mix from the stonemilker vr app from 2015 (to my ears the strings sounds fuller than the phone app, closer to the vulnicura strings version but not as full). bjork digital used a strings & beats mix so i wonder why they went back to the strings only

lionsong - it is a "vr" video but it's just the 2d video. however, it does get a 360 sound design. same elements as the album version but with the surround audio you can hear the different parts of the beats more loudly than the album version

black lake - there is no definitive mix here, but it uses elements from the haxan cloak video mix released in 2015. the stems for black lake (and family and notget) are located as raw sound files in the app so these 3 songs seem to be mixed on-the-go where as the other vr videos have pre-rendered audio

family - same elements as the album version but again no definite mix. interestingly enough, the timing of the vocals and the transition between the middle cello part and the final synth part are minutely different than the album mix (probably to better serve the vr video)

notget - same elements as the album version but due to the sound design some of the beats can be heard differently / more clearly than on the album version (the stems, again, can be retrieved to listen to all the song elements separately -- reason enough to buy the app imo [but you have to learn how to "hack" the files]).

as a side note on notget, the opening "string-like" sound that a lot of us assume is the viola organista is labeled "plastics" in the stem file. was hoping the file name would tell us what that instrument is. there are separate stems for "plastics" and "strings" and the two instruments sound quite different.

mouth mantra - same shorter version as the 2d video uploaded to youtube in 2016 but hard to say, again, if there is a definitive mix. a lot of the effects/beats can be heard quite well compared to the album and video versions because of the 360 design.

quicksand - definitely not the album performance and not even the performance from the 2016 youtube broadcast, though the arrangement is nearly identical to the album version, though the strings don't cut as abruptly.

also, the score videos are different mixes from the final album mix or any of the video versions. they're essentially the album versions but just mixed differently. i would say the vocals are more dry and up front than the instruments and beats. in terms of differences in the arrangements, i only noticed one small change in black lake. in one of the later long string segments between verses, the strings come to a stop a split second before bjork starts singing. in the album version the strings continue for a second (and reverb) over her singing the next verse. haven't gone through all the score videos for additional differences but i'm sure that, if any, they will be minor.


Il ya aussi des score un peu comme dans l'app biophilia ?


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