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  1. Yesterday I saw the cover of the Body Language-album by Kylie ... She actually sits on a letter, I can't see which though. I'm killing my brains here, can't come up with any other album doing the same thing on the cover ... COULD BJORK BE THE FIRST???? xxx
  2. The black letter-thingies ... they remind me of some sort of toy ... I think they were meant to make a long snake with (not?). They all fitted and came in different shapes too; anyone? Anyway, I played with them! By the way, where's the U of Medulla in the picture? x
  3. Inderdaad! Even the rythms on Where Is The Line get sung! ***excitement*** My god, this one has to be good! By the way, another new font, and this time it's even less readible than before
  4. Help???? I didn't even know there WERE videos of the Loft Rehearsal! Typical! I share Robin's cry for help. HELP!
  5. OMG!!!!!!!! I've seen those butterfly-glasses, birdies and lines before!
  6. ( : mmmmh ok jaja, ikke off-topic, ik laat de discussie over aan de mensen met verstand van zaken ;D ... maar werkelijk, zou 't storm zijn??? We zijn eens curieus zene!!!!! En nu zwijg ik wijselijk)
  7. Beyoncé kicks ass!!!! Justin sucks!!!!! Roel-le-phylosophe l'a dit x
  8. Hehe ... stilte voor de storm??? Dewelke??? *confuus* ... neen maar serieus! The gigography has to change it! Malinformation can't be accepted!!!!! It says that the 11th of October Bjork performed in Chicago??? uh???? Puhu .... Enfin soit, geen petitie dan? xxxxx
  9. Ok, remarque tres ignorante ... mais c'est qui? Jeremy Scott??? Oui oui, j'ai entendu le nom plusieurs fois, mais euhm .... allez HUP aide-moi xxx
  10. Indeed Timo! Something which has always annoyed me to death ... the Gigography wants to be Björk's most extended and complete concert-archive, but Brussels, October 11th *still* doesn't get mentioned ... I've written them on numerous occassions and I never got a response! I even enclosed a scan of my ticket (which I neurotically still possess hehe) Phoeeehoeeee!!!!!! I'm-going-for-a-petition!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alles goed hier op 't forum voor de rest? ;D xxxxxxxxxx
  11. Oui c'est ca, Cirkus est le concert donné dans une tente de circus (surprise), le 7 octobre 1995, à Göteborg. Mais euhm, est-ce que c'est possible qu'il y avait aussi d'autres concerts là bas??? C'est pas 'a venue' permanente? XXX
  12. Mmmh, peut-être l'idée "bootleg"??? Une petite blague? Autres opinions? XXX
  13. Wooohoooow !!!!!! Weeeeird ......... weir did joe faajnd dem Timoooow????? verrie bizaaaar!!!!!!! It sounds like a Disney-dialogue, especially clip two : But thanks heaps for sharing! XBizXBizX
  14. Ahaaa thanks for the info! But at what festival did Bjork and the Japanese guy perform then???? A Swiss festival ... mmmh... where could that be? Montreux? Thanks!!! X
  15. How how hoooow stop!!!! I'm not with you??? What's Schoenberg? Sounds like African wine!!! *confused and pretty ignorant* XXX
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