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Kelsey Lu - Church

28 octobre 2016 - 14:02

Sujet d'origine : Vos derniers coups de coeur +++


Vous cherchez une Agnes Obel moins pompeuse et plus incarnée ? 
Vu dans la story instagram de Soko ce matin (qui l'as vu en live)... je suis amoureux.


Kelsey Lu:



En France, les témoins de Jéhovah sont ces gens 
avec des têtes avenantes mais néanmoins inquiétantes, qui frappent 
à votre porte au moment 
où vous avez une casserole sur le feu. On ne sait pas trop comment ça se passe en Caroline du Nord, mais ça devait être suffisamment oppressant pour qu’à 18 ans, Kelsey Lu décide de quitter sa famille et la secte où elle a grandi à la façon d’un bonzaï, contrainte et isolée du reste du monde. Sauvée par la musique, qu’elle étudie depuis l’âge de 6 ans. A 18 ans, elle entre dans une école d’art pour travailler le chant 
et son instrument (le violoncelle), puis participe à tout un tas de projets pour rattraper des années de liberté perdues : musique avec le groupe 
de rap sudiste Nappy Roots, mannequinat, déménagement à Brooklyn où elle est devenue 
amie avec plein de gens, dont Kyp Malone (TV On The Radio), Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) ou Caroline Polachek (Chairlift).

Kelsey Lu a tellement goûté la liberté qu’on n’entend que ça dans 
son premier ep, Church (parce qu’elle l’a enregistré en live dans une église de Williamsburg). Six chansons interprétées au violoncelle et à la voix, plus quelques rares effets de son. Des chansons lentes, retenues, nuancées, intenses et belles comme des poses de yoga, qui prennent le temps de s’épanouir et finissent toujours dans une sorte d’implosion voluptueuse, vers la lumière.

Elles évoquent aussi deux autres sirènes en extase récemment apparues, et Laura Mvula, ou 
les aînées Björk et Joanna Newsom. Signée sur le très tendance label True Panther (Abra, Girls, Tobias Jesso Jr.), Kelsey Lu appartient à la sphère pop, mais plus encore à sa stratosphère.


Rien que son histoire raconte déjà quelque chose, c'est pas étonnant que sa musique soit autant captivante, y'a du fond. Un diamant brute.

Conseil: arrêtez se que vous êtes en train de faire et rentrer dedans: 




Les deux clips sont magnifiques !

En live elle est authentique, j'adore "Time"  :happy crying:



Premier EP là:



Spotify: https://open.spotify...mAQZ1amvPlZtfOB


C'est ma trouvaille de l'année  :loupe:

Björk Digital au Miraikan de Tokyo juin/juillet 2016 + DJ sets

06 juin 2016 - 23:07

Apres Sydney... Tokyo ! Source: le modo du 4um

sat, 04 jun 2016 /
vivid sydney: björk digital exhibition at ​carriageworks / sydney, australia

wed, 29 jun 2016 /
「björk digital ― 音楽のvr・18日間の実験」 at miraikan / tokyo, japan


Impossible de savoir si il y aura un dj set, on croise les doigts x Arca était au japon ya quelques jours pour des concerts, ils l'on peut être rejoint.

Place pour PJ Harvey, Nuits de Fouvière le 14 juin

04 juin 2016 - 21:49

Je vend donc ma place pour le concert (complet) de PJ Harvey a Lyon le 14 juin prochain (mardi):


45€ au lien de 58,30€ comme indiqué sur le billet, je précise que c'est un e-billet, donc je peux vous l'envoyer par mail et le billet n'est pas nominatif. Payement par paypal uniquement.  :top:

Articles journaux australiens : exposition Björk Digital, prochain album, etc.

28 mai 2016 - 18:10

Je copie colle ici le message d'un membre du 4um, apparement il faut être inscrit pour lire l'article:

excuse me, but back digging on the sidney event coming, there's this new article filled with quotes from Björk,
check it out:


about upcoming 'notget' vr experience

were trying to do whatever we can to finish it. i just spoke to them [directors warren du preez and nick thornton jones and the rest of the creative crew] today and theyre trying as hard as they can. i think there have been some technical difficulties. thats the thing when you work with things that nobody has worked with before. sometimes you have difficulties, hindrances. so fingers crossed

about vr technology and the apps

to me it is the natural continuity of the music video, this total merge of surround sound and vision. (...) eventually i would like to gather all the vr apps together on a vulnicura album so that people can watch them at home in chronological order. but since most people dont have headsets, i like doing this in museums and shows to exhibit the videos after they had been made. (...) i like the intimacy of the headphones and the headsets. music, to me, seems to do best when you are really intimate and private, listening to it one on one, or in a huge place, like a festival or something. vr is obviously going to be amazing for a lot of things films for sure, and skype, where you can spend time with your loved ones. i love virtual realitys almost wagnerian theatricality, its almost like youre in the middle of a stage like in a huge opera or something this is not just touching a screen but more like experiencing the world

the new app approach comparing to biophilia's first try

"there is immense satisfaction in solving things differently, so its been quite pioneering. obviously it has its ups and downs, and the downs are that you make a lot of mistakes. but the ups are that the rewards are tremendous

about new upcoming 'black lake' installation and general bjork digital compared to moma's mid-retrospective

[bjork is looking forward to seeing it restaged at carriageworks because of the venues much bigger physical dimensions. it will be staged in an 8m x 12m space complete with huge screens and 54 speakers]
at moma and im not complaining for a second the screens we had were at the opposite end of the rooms so you didnt get that sort of claustrophobic feeling. (...) it was very flattering, yes, but i think its something that im not comfortable with doing myself. i think this exhibition for me in sydney is probably what i would have done [instead] of the show at moma. it is not about me as the icon, the clothes, or about putting me up on a pedestal. its about content"

about vulnicura and compared to other albums

"the album for me was very much about going home. i think it happens to all icelandic people a lot of other people too, perhaps when they get into trouble, they emotionally, at least, return home to heal their wounds. i definitely went back twice to heal them, to make sense of it all. and also i felt that the icelandic landscape, when it is really barren, it really suits the emotions at this time. you know, there are these tiny plants that grow there, they are very stubborn and when they finally break out of the lava, it is such a feat they are so courageous. it is this idea of rejuvenation. [she says vulnicura, in some ways, represents the closing of a circle] my last patriotic album was homogenic in 1997 from there i did an album called volta, which is me sort of travelling around the world on a boat and being like a gypsy. and then i did biophilia, which obviously happened in outer space. [here, she erupts like a small volcano into a sudden stream-of-consciousness riff about atoms vibrating] like units bumping into each other, not behaving like humans, [before suddenly whipping back to clarity as if a bungee cord has been yanked]. but with vulnicura, i was kind of trying to go back to iceland. it is probably the most human album ive ever done. it was about returning home after heartbreak and getting healed

about divorce

[did she find some peace? she is quiet] yes, i feel so. when somebody told me three years ago that time heals wounds, i was just shaking my head and laughing. but now i feel im a good example of someone for whom that is true. (...) i was very aware that i was going through the most difficult thing i had ever gone through in my life, there was an extreme sense of loss. but you know, there are people who lose their children or lose their homes, there are way more extreme cases of loss than mine. i think you get more empathy with people after something like this happens to you. (...) it was scary at times, of course i know of cases, of couples who separate and one or the other doesnt get over it their whole life you hear these kind of terror, terror stories [her voice trails off] so i was really determined to work myself through it. the album helped a lot, but also my daughter, especially. to me, it was very important for other family members and children that you are not stuck, that you dont pass on your problems to the next generation. of course you cant do it all, but at least you do your best

about new album

[there is a sense of upbeat energy when she talks about writing songs for her new album, which reunites her with vulnicura producers arca and the haxan cloak. she said last year that if vulnicura was an album] about hell we are doing paradise now. utopia. [or perhaps not quite; its too early to say, she muses. after the last album, she felt a weight lift, she says:] it was like i was free from this heavy feeling and very, very euphoric and happy. but i mean, i am still writing so its still hard to say it could go either way, any direction. so maybe i will talk about it once i finish it.

J'ai mis en gras certain passage, il semblerait qu'elle a vraiment prévu d'aller loin avec le VR pour Vulnicura (une app par titre ? Une app avec tout l'album en VR ?) je pense que c'est de ça dont il s'agit pour la vente des robes.
Elle ne met pas en lien le nouvel album avec le VR et elle est toujours en train d'écrire donc je ne vois pourquoi elle se soucierais de video déjà maintenant.

Et franchement:

I think this exhibition for me in sydney is probably what i would have done [instead] of the show at moma. it is not about me as the icon, the clothes, or about putting me up on a pedestal. its about content.

YES. :hype:

Cette expo a Sydney s'annonce un assez gros truc en fait, plus intéressant que le MoMA (moins "creux"), ça consolide aussi l idée de voir apparaitre "Omnibus" avec l'expo. Ca ferait presque "pied de nez" au truc de Biesenbach.

Photo inédite ou pas ? Le mystère du cliché björkien brr

15 mai 2016 - 01:12

My favourite photo of #björk of all time. Never seen a high-resolution version of it, unfortunately, and it took some searching to even find this small scan. From the Selmasongs/Veapertine era, I believe.
#Bjork #Undirt #selmasongs #vespertine