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Dans le sujet : Björk - 34 Songs for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Celeste

hier, 12:05

Fait lui un mail ;)

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28 avril 2017 - 19:33

Arf s'ils pouvaient tous nous faire des cadeaus comme ca <3

Dans le sujet : Björk - 34 Songs for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Celeste

28 avril 2017 - 18:12

Pour 39.99£

in the autumn of 2009 i sat down and wanted to decipher and reevaluate what musical education meant to me . the frustrated musicologist in me went ahead and completed the educational biophilia which since has been tought all around the world and is now a permanent part of scandinavias curriculum
i also wanted to question how i felt about musical documentation , when cds were slowly becoming obsolete , i was curious about the difference of midi ( digital notation ) and classical notation and enthusiastic in blurring the lines and at which occasions and how one would share music in these new times . what is the difference of karaoke and the lyrical recitals of the 19th century ? can one meet at bonfires and sing techno songs ? ( well icelanders do obvs ) maybe i should share digital notation that people could connect to their synths or do harpsichord versions of electronic beats to enjoy in the living rooms and hopefully families singalong to
100 years ago most music was shared through scores , does that even apply to today ? and if so how ?
from these questions i started working with jónas sen on gathering together my string , choir , vocal and brass arrangements through the years and arranging them for different keyboards such as organs , pianos , celestas and harpsichords .
i also talked to my longtime collaborators m/m and asked them to design a font for notes in the same way they would for letters . that of course became technically almost impossible but we believe we have now somehow found a program were everyone can design their own fonts to align gracefully to their music
and last but not least : as a soft feminist stance i decided to put importance on my arrangements through the years ( i feel still today most people are not aware of i have done the majority of the choir , brass , string and vocal arrangements myself through the years ) by doing concerts where we have transformed all these arrangements over to strings to emphasizing that part of my work . so far we have played albert hall , harpa hall in reykjavík , the auditorio in mexico city and will be playing the disney hall on the 30th of may . and i will be singing on top
hope you enjoy it !!

Est ce que la photo de la couv est connue ?

Björk will perform songs from the book with 32 string players in Los Angeles May 30 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.


There are three levels to these keyboard arrangements. In one we simply transcribed the songs from the original to the keyboard. In the next level we arranged them so they sound different from the originals, yet convincing for the keyboard instrument in question. In the third level I created a variation of the original song, much like classical composers create variations on a theme. On the third level the songs are radically different from the original, almost like they are new compositions.

Wow ca promet ! Elle va réussir a me faire prendre des cours de piano ^^

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28 avril 2017 - 11:03

Mais que c'est pénible les gens jamais contents de rien ici :rolleyes: 

Merci pour le fou rire.

J'aime bien le deuxième titre, ça me rappel les titres les plus calmes sur Uh Huh Her, le premier est plutôt bof, enfin c'est dans la même veine que l'album quoi...

A Dog Called Money and Ill Be Waiting were recorded at Londons Somerset House during The Hope Six Demolition Project sessions in January 2015. The two tracks, which are currently being offered exclusively as a Double A-Side 7 Vinyl on PJ Harveys North American tour, are now available digitally worldwide.

Même session d'enregistrement que l'album donc, certains ont peut être eu la chance d'entendre des premières versions du coup.

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24 avril 2017 - 18:59

Et hop un clip inutile pour Systemagic (directed by Alison): <3

J'ai pas donné mon avis sur l'album, pour faire simple je suis content, le seul titre ou je m'ennuie c'est Moon in your Mouth, les autres sont top. J'écourterai certainement plus cet album que Tales of Us, qu'au final je n'ai pas tant écouté que ça depuis sa sortie... je reviens toujours sur leurs 4 premiers albums et c'est tout. :)