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The Night of

27 mars 2017 - 22:23

Au lendemain d'une virée nocturne bien arrosée, le jeune Naz, d'origine Pakistanaise, se réveille aux côtés d'une jeune femme baignant dans son sang. Cette dernière a été poignardée et il ne se souvient de rien. Inculpé pour ce meurtre, il est désormais prisonnier du système judiciaire où, parfois, la vérité passe au second plan. Un avocat bon marché mais tenace se propose de l'aider.
Je n'ai vu qu'un épisode, mais ça commence vraiment bien.

[Netflix] 3%

13 décembre 2016 - 12:19

Je viens de commencer cette nouvelle série Netflix qui cette fois est Brézilienne ! (c'est très agréable à l'oreille ce joli accent)
Le thème est assez classique (un peu à la Hunger Games, sans la violence)
"3% nous plonge dans une société dystopique divisée en deux : dun côté les riches (3% de la population) et de lautre les pauvres. Pour pouvoir accéder à la plus haute strate, les participants nauront le droit quà une seule chance et se départageront autour dépreuves. Mais seulement 3% dentre eux arrivera au bout"[/size]

Björk Digital à Londres du 1 sept. au 23 oct., annonce concerts

19 juillet 2016 - 10:04






An immersive virtual reality exhibition from Icelandic icon Björk.

Somerset House is thrilled to announce the European premiere of Björk Digital, an exhib­ition of digital and video works, resulting from Björk’s collaborations with some of the finest visual artists and programmers in the world and coinciding with a special performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Björk constantly and consistently challenges the status quo, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, art and technology. The exhibition at Somerset House invites visitors to engage with her work through the latest in virtual reality (VR) technology. Björk believes that by offering a private theatrical experience, VR provides a unique way to connect with her audiences.

The exhibition will include Black Lake, Björk’s groundbreaking immersive film commissioned by the New York’s Museum of Modern Art where the audience is treated to panoramic visuals and enveloped by a bespoke, cutting edge surround-sound system. Filmed in the highlands of Iceland, the work was directed by the Los Angeles-based filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang. Huang also collaborated with Björk on Stonemilker VR, a project that transports the viewer to a private performance of the first track from Björk’s critically acclaimed Vulnicura album. Shot on location on a remote, windswept beach in Iceland and viewable in full 360-degree VR, the viewer will be able to experience a one-to-one recital.

In Mouthmantra VR, Björk worked with director Jesse Kanda to capture intense footage from inside her mouth whilst she sings the title track, her teeth and tongue twisting and seemingly taking on a life of their own. Meanwhile, Notget VR, directed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, presents Björk as a digital moth giantess transformed by stunning masks created by artist James Merry.

As part of the European premiere of Björk Digital, Björk will hold a special, one-off concert performance at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 21 September. It is her only UK show this year and is her first since her acclaimed sold out Biophilia show in the round at Alexandra Palace in 2013. Tickets will be available from 09.00 on Friday 22 July from

Somerset House’s edition of the Björk Digital exhibition will include never-before-seen work by Björk. There will also be an interactive educational space which showcases the innovative apps and custom-made musical instruments from Biophilia, an app created by Björk that explores music, nature and technology. A programme of Björk’s extensive video work will run alongside the exhibition, spanning the artist’s 24-year career during which she has collaborated with film directors including the award winning Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Nick Knight and Stephane Sedanaoui.

Bjork Digital Exhibition at Somerset House is supported by
Intel, AMD, HTC, Bowers and Wilkins and Barco Iosono. 


[E4] The Aliens

31 mars 2016 - 22:23


Nouvelle série dans l'esprit de Misfits, histoire barrée, où on se drogue avec des poils d'aliens. Une super bande son, de l'action, et le beau Michael Socha. 





Vulnicura - vente Music Raiser (avec tshirt et poster)

25 février 2016 - 13:15



Differents packages en vente.





Musicraiser is offering you something exclusive and extremely rare: top quality exclusive merchandising of Vulnicura include a high quality print release in silk-screen paintingand t-shirts realized with printing sublimation, to match the quality and art of Vulnicura. True collectibles to show off next to Vulnicura strings, the version played by string quartets embracing Björk’s voice, and next to Vulnicura Deluxe Edition, both available in vinyl, double-vinyls and CD edition.