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Matmos - Ultimate Care II

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Interview intéressante de Matmos par Pitchfork, à propos de leur nouveau projet, autour de l'enregistrement du son d'une machine à laver. Où l'on apprend aussi que Björk ne fait pas elle même sa lessive.



MS: European washing machines are so technologized and they have incomprehensible sigils all over them. It's like, What does the triangle wave over three lines and a single dot mean? I'll never forget doing laundry at Björk's housewho of course didn't do laundry either, because she has a housekeeperand I was like, What does any of this mean? And she was like, "I don't know." Eventually I had to unplug the washing machine and wait for it to reset to get my fucking clothes out. We were there for three and a half hours.

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En même temps je la comprends. Amusez-vous à laver ça :







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"Ultimate Care II Excerpt Eight" is from the upcoming Matmos album "Ultimate Care II" out February 19, 2016 on Thrill Jockey Records.


Pas mal ! Pratiquement que du rythme et de la percu techno, aucune voix (ce qui semble logique vu le concept). L'album m'a rappelé parfois des vieux Warp :)

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