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Interview pour noisey - "Björk Is Magic"


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Posté 22 mai 2017 - 07:50

You've only really performed songs from Vulnicura a handful of times and it's a very emotional work. How has your relationship with the record changed since its release? 
It's probably changed most out of my albums. I'm really glad I just performed it for April, May, June, July 2015 and then I stopped and then I started working on my new album. I'm very glad I did that. Then I would just go and support the string album [version of Vulnicura]—that was another side in me that came out. In a way, this score book and doing the gigs with no beats, just the strings is me listening to all the new young feminists and people also asking me to do all sorts of feminist stuff and me thinking, the best thing I could do would be to tell the world that I actually do my own arrangements. I'm not a person who brags, but I feel overall, people don't know that! Even some of my relatives don't know that. They think it comes from magic, from the sky or something. I felt like OK, that's going to be my feminist stance and part of the scorebook. Make a stand in the world. In a way, from that angle, when I did Royal Albert Hall, I was expecting everyone to write about my arrangements and… not one word. Obviously I'm not trying to control anybody, but there was no mention of it. sur facebook / twitter / tumblr

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Posté 22 mai 2017 - 16:29

Have you fallen in love again?

[Giggles shyly] Yeah, for sure. Maybe it's too fragile to talk about.



tant mieux pour elle :)

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