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Time Out London, mai 2015

presse interview

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#1 benjicok


    Sweet Sweet Intuition

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Posté 06 mai 2015 - 09:13


Bjork: Surgery changed my voice
3 hours ago

Bjork: Surgery changed my voice

Bjork claims surgery has given her a deeper voice.

The enigmatic singer had a polyp removed from her vocal cords in November 2012, but rather than limit her abilities she believes the procedure has had a huge impact on her voice because it has extended her range.

She revealed: "Since the operation, I have some of the high notes better than I have had for a while, but also I've got some deep notes that I didn't have before. And I haven't used them."

The pop star - who released her ninth studio album 'Vulnicura' earlier this year - is so pleased with her improved voice she is tempted to record a new EP solely to show it off.

She continued: "I'd like maybe to do an EP just with the deep notes."

However, the 49-year-old musician admitted she currently has more pressing concerns outside of her music career as she is horrified about her home nation of Iceland and its plans to build dams through the countryside.

She told London's Time Out magazine: "Right now my heart is very concerned about the Iceland highlands. The government has decided it's going to make dams all over the highlands and so the biggest untouched area in Europe is going to go away in the space of three or four years."

And the plans, along with books by author Timothy Morton, have inspired Bjork to think about the state of the planet and how humans interact with nature and technology.

Speaking about the books, she said: "They're really interesting. His angle is that the apocalypse has already happened and we are now in the aftermath, so there's hope for us. And I was like: I really agree with that. So let's do something about it. One solution is to change how we relate to technology and how we relate to nature. There's still a way."

#2 bjon


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Posté 06 mai 2015 - 09:57

The 'Army of Me' singer has revealed she feels strange when she listens back to her early albums such as, 'Debut', because it makes her realise she was in a bad state of mind.
She confessed: ''Looking back to 'Debut' now, it feels it was like drinking water, but thankfully I've got diaries - and it was a headf**k.''
However, the 49-year-old musician insisted she has a ''good relationship'' with her nine-album back catalogue, even though she appreciates some of the songs could have been improved.
She explained: ''I have a good relationship with my old songs. Obviously I can't say that they couldn't have been better. But I did my best at the time, and you can't do any more than that. I also feel that each was very much a child of its time. I have an obligation to be the person of the age I am. At 45, I'm going to do a very different album than when I'm 25.''
Although the singer admitted the she was in a bad head-space when she created her early albums, she said each record she makes continues to feel like a ''murder mystery'' as she attempts to figure out who she is.
She told London's Time Out magazine: ''Every single time it's going to be as difficult to solve the murder mystery - like, ''Who am I?'' There are more hindrances because I'm a woman. Being the sort of topsy-turvy prankster I am, that makes me even more excited about the impossible riddle of that. Not many women singers have documented themselves after 60. How can you do that without pretending you're 25?'' sur facebook / twitter / tumblr

#3 jeep


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Posté 06 mai 2015 - 09:59

L'article et interview sur le site de Time Out London :

Björk talk: the avant-pop queen on festivals, technology and how to get old 

  As iconoclastic, theatrical and gloriously unpredictable as ever, Iceland’s finest export tells us why she’s excited to headline Wilderness festival this August



#4 aifol


    album sans titre - The Gate

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Posté 06 mai 2015 - 10:04

Not many women singers have documented themselves after 60. How can you do that without pretending you're 25 ?''



Il faudrait qu'elle organise une conférence avec Juliette Gréco... Meredith Monk, Patti Smith, oh putain la tea party de malade.


I have this beautiful album by [French artist] Louise Bourgeois where she’s singing – when she’s 70 or something – French children’s songs. And coughing between and smoking. I love it.’


C'est le murmure de l'eau qui channnte ! c'est pas la bonne vidéo... mais je cherche




And how about costumes – what are you planning to wear during festival season?
‘I like theatrical outfits. I think that hasn’t escaped anyone! And if there’s a time to get theatrical, it’s at a festival. Everybody knows it’s not about us; it’s about this other, shamanic, kind of liberating character that sleeps somewhere inside us that is dying to get out. And if there ever is a time and a place to air it, it’s a festival.’


merde, elle me convaincrait presque à ne pas oublier cette tenue pour la Route du rock.

#5 mike


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Posté 07 mai 2015 - 18:27

Björk balance sur facebook cette vidéo délicate avec ce commentaire



a friend just sent me this . sent me straight back to when i wrote this nordlead riff , standing on a balcony in spain with the aggressive noon sun , this video def taps into that daytime cathargic techno release we all long for
warmth björk


si j'ai bien compris, ça devrait être une nouvelle chorégraphie de la tournée Vulnicura. j'ai hate. 


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#6 sirlka


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Posté 07 mai 2015 - 21:37

J'en ai des crampes rien qu'à regarder.

#7 bjork14


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Posté 08 mai 2015 - 11:27

XPLDR putain jdr !!!! j'en chialle de rire !!

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