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  1. Shakira

    she was respectable until she made the crossover and started singing in english. well, imho anyway
  2. Leila Arab - EP avec Zebra Katz

    for those interested: there's 8 brand-new tracks available for download at Leila's site. check out the 'off the chain' section of july. interesting - one of them features Medulla's beatboxer Rahzels! :D
  3. [musique] Einar Örn

    mp3's, photos, and videos of Einar Örn's new project here: http://www.ghostigital.com/ a remix gusgus included somewhere in there too.
  4. Emilie Simon

    I am! ;D
  5. Emilie Simon

    thanx for all replies. the album is amazing - the song "Flowers" alone has me awestruck. ps - can anyone translate the french songtitles for me?
  6. Emilie Simon

    I wondered if anyone has information about this artist. Does she have a website? I can't find any. I like her song 'Desert'.
  7. Leila Arab - EP avec Zebra Katz

    For those interested: Leila Arab is releasing b-sides and unreleased mixes freely through her website on Jan 17. http://www.leilamusic.co.uk ps - Leila toured and worked with Björk during Debut and Post.

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